Monday, 10 February 2014

Meal Planning: Week 2

Meal Planning: Week 2

By Mrs T.


Last week:

I managed to stick to it all week (yey me!) and even managed to add extra veg to the enchiladas in order to have leftovers for Mr T's and the minions to eat on Saturday. Result.
I genuinely felt like I saved money as I was in the supermarket FAR less often. We'll find out at the end of the month though.

This week:

I'm aiming to use up some stuff from the freezer (baps, land chops and drumsticks). Mr T is away on Monday night so its just me and the minions and whatever we can scrape together from the fridge. Saturday is minion#1's 9th birthday so I'll need to be flexible towards the end of the week. Minions are of school this week too so I hope to get them involved with cooking/baking etc.

Minions: Fridge Fried Rice (made using leftover boiled rice, 3 eggs, 2 left over hotdogs and half a yellow pepper)
Mrs T: Gnocchi (using left over half pack of Tesco gnocchi with some leftover Sacla chilli pesto, 2 left over slices of bacon, some peppers, some 'shrooms and probably some more chilli to give it a kick!)

Sloppy Joes with toasted baps (from freezer), corn on the cob and salad.
(makes 6 portions so will put 2 portions away in freezer for a rainy day)

Minions: Chicken Drumsticks, potatoes and salad
Mr T:  Lamb Chops, potatoes and peas/sweetcorn
Mrs T: Weightwatchers Quiche (I don't like chicken on the bone or lamb) with salad.

Toad in the hole - hopefully made by minion#1
(Recipe from Good Food Mag September 2011)

Chicken Fajitas.

Birthday Tea (takeaway or possibly Beefeater)

Crispy Topped Cumberland Pie
(Recipe from Good Food Mag March 2012)


  1. sloppy joes sounds awesome I have never had them may have to look for a recipe for that!

  2. Everything sounds delicious especially the Fridge Fried Rice.....What a great idea!!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments ladies.
    Helen - The sloppy joes above should link to a FAB recipe, not too BBQ-ey but still yum.